Two years ago, Dave proposed. In a sushi restaurant. With a dinosaur.

First comes love. Then comes…





Our little girl is now 7 months old!

She has two bottom teeth, can sit upright and can almost crawl. She just started babbling and said “Mama” twice now when looking for me to pick her up. I thought the first time was just a coincidence but it happened again this morning!

Nothing warms a sleep-deprived mama’s heart like hearing those words.


Sugar and Spice

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of 


Sunshine and rainbows and ribbons for hair bows, that’s what little girls are made of 


Tea parties, laces and baby doll faces, that’s what little girls are made of



If only more people lived like this… I’ve seen a lot of bulling, on and off the web. It’s sad that people bully others in order to feel good themselves. Some are not strong and bullying can break them. Be extra kind to others. You don’t know their struggle.




My heart swoons each time I read this.

A new mom

As a new mom, I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of knowledge and opinions on parenting, from breastfeeding and babywearing to car seats and diaper rash. And these are only a few of the topics I’ve found within these first six months! There are Facebook groups full of experts and diehard fans, each willing to share their knowledge and help other moms. The breastfeeding group I belong to also offers a ton of emotional support, which is incredibly helpful for such a difficult task.

I’m so grateful for these amazing resources and also for my Facebook friends who are parents. For the immense amount of support and knowledge, thank you.

Tiny Toes

Home Sweet Home

Today is the 4th anniversary of my house closing! The past four years have been the most difficult and best years of my life so far. I’ve faced a leaking roof (multiple times), moldy drywall, a septic tank reroute and moles that ruin the yard.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of things to renovate but I also have a huge yard, beautiful gardens and now a wonderful husband and baby on the way. It took a few years but this house is finally a home.

Septic Tank Reroute

Septic Tank Reroute

New Windows!

New Windows!

Home Depot Truck

Home Depot Truck

We’re having a girl!

Pink Dinosaur Onesie

A gift from Aunt Kate – a pink dinosaur onesie!

As some of you already know, Dave and I are expecting a little one in June and recently learned that we’re having a girl! We are both excited beyond belief with this news!

Because I’m no longer a spring chicken, my doctor recommended having a Level 2 Ultrasound at week 20. We did and the High Risk OB doctor found a few indications for slow growth. Our baby has a 2-vessel umbilical cord at the edge of the placenta that is straight instead of coiled. She also has a cysts on her brain but those typically disappear by week 24-28. Both the Quad Screen and Harmony tests came back negative so it doesn’t appear that she has any chromosomal abnormalities.

Like every new mom, I’ve been googling a lot which typically leads to many horror stories about similar conditions but our doctor will keep a watch on her growth with monthly ultrasound growth scans. If she doesn’t grow enough between weeks 28-32, we may deliver a few weeks early so that they can provide her better nutrition than what she can get in the womb.

I tend to worry a lot normally so I’m asking that you keep our family in your prayers these next few months for strength, calmness and the birth of a healthy baby girl.



This week has been a little hard for me but seeing the interaction on this Facebook post put a smile on my face. This page is also a nice example of how to instigate your fans to take action as influencers (selfies at the museum!).

Pinterest’s Place Pins

I haven’t been this excited about a social media upgrade in a long time!

Pinterest introduced Place Pins today!

And the cool part is that they connected their map to Foursquare. So not only does it geotag correctly (remember the old days of Flickr geotagging?!), it also will pull in the address and telephone number of the place, based on its Foursquare listing. One more reason for CVBs to keep Foursquare on their list!

I went through and added pins from my lighthouse board to the map. I love how Pinterest kept the map very artistic. It’s very Pinteresty of them.

The process of adding a pin to the map is very simple. Foursquare’s search makes everything easy and fairly quick.

When you click through on a mapped place, it displays the address and phone number from the Foursquare listing, if available.

You also have the option to “Learn more” and click through to see the listing on Foursquare.

What I don’t like is how much real estate the map takes up on the screen. I think boards that use a more detailed map, such as a city or neighborhood, would be better than displaying the entire US, as in my board example.

The board now also only shows a width of two pins and I don’t know how that will affect the aesthetic look that we’re used to seeing on Pinterest. Personally I missed having more images on the screen.

Overall, this is a great benefit for all CVBs and DMOs on Pinterest. It may entice you to work on your Foursquare strategy a little more but it’s definitely worth the effort. My recommendation is to play around with only 1-2 boards at first and see how your followers react to them.

Share your Place Pins in the comments below!

Happy pinning!

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